What is the highest paying job in international business?

With the advancements in technology, the field of business is changing to adapt to the needs of the global industries. In the post-covid era, the global economy and international trade have evolved so much to accommodate innovations and aim for development. 

The rapid growth in the business sector has opened a wide variety of lucrative opportunities for graduates in BSc International Business and Management. The increasing number of multinational companies and start-ups brings diversity to the global market thereby increasing the demand for qualified professionals.

The job opportunities in the global market are plenty to confuse one about the right choice. Read on to find out the highest paying jobs in international business.

  • Global marketing director

A marketing director is one of the most lucrative careers in the field of international business. According to PayScale, a global marketing director earns an average of €1,41,000 per year. This is besides the annual incentives granted to them.

 As a global marketing director, you should manage the marketing affairs of an organization around the world. You must work closely with various team members and create strategies and plans to improve sales on a global scale.

  • Financial manager

As a financial manager, you can earn €1,12,717 per year. Rather than domestic operations, international finance requires a knowledge of various currencies and their values in the market. 

A financial manager handles the finances of a company and looks into the accounts and curates plans for new business strategies and marketing while at the same time dealing with international clients.

  • Human resource manager

The importance of an HR manager in a company is increasing every day. An HR manager earns around €88,249 every year as per reports published in Glassdoor. 

A human resource manager is the need of every organization to ensure its smooth functioning. Apart from hiring and training employees according to the requirement, you should also make sure that the labour laws are upheld, and a good connection exists between employer and employees.

  • Global logistics manager

A logistics manager is crucial to the effective working of a company on a global scale and this job fetches you around €64,716 per year. As a logistics manager, you must oversee the production and distribution of a company’s products and services. The storage, transport and customs clearance of every product is overlooked by a logistics manager.

When a company operates on a global scale, a logistics manager has an important role in ensuring that the products are reaching the right destinations safely and cost-effectively.

  • Sales manager

A sales manager gets an average salary of €48,700 per year in an entry-level position. A sales manager implements strategies to ensure that the revenue targets of a company are met every month and that the products and services reach the target customers. 

You should also overlook the performance of sales representatives and coordinate with the marketing team to increase sales. 

These are some of the popular and highly paying jobs in international business. With the right graduate degree, you can land in any of these positions and build a career.