Scope of MBA in Human Resources in 2022: Top Skills, Career Opportunities and Job Roles


Human resource management is an integral part of every organization today. From hiring employees to ensuring coordination and amiability among the workers, the human resources department is actively involved in the smooth functioning of an organization.

The demand for human resource professionals across every sector has increased the interest in an MBA in Human Resources among students. Thousands of career opportunities around the world are awaiting students with the right skills in human resources.

The human resources field is highly competitive and challenging which makes it important to understand the skills essential to succeed here. Explained below are the top skills in demand and the diverse career opportunities in human resource management.

What is human resource management?

Human resource management refers to the function of managing the employees in an organization. The duties of an HR professional include hiring and training employees, developing strategies and policies related to them, making plans for their welfare at work, and acting as the channels of communication in an organization.

Top skills in human resource management

  • Organisation and time management

Being organised and working according to a scheduled plan or timetable helps in managing time. Time management is very important for HR professionals as you are actively involved in numerous activities every day.

  • Communication

The primary duty of HR is the management of the workforce in an organization which requires you to communicate effectively with employees and other concerned people.

  • Leadership and problem-solving

As your area of work is related to employee hiring, training and welfare, you are likely to come across challenging situations where problem-solving and leadership skills are an absolute necessity.

  • Teamwork and adaptability

HR is a challenging job role and working hand in hand with other team members ensures the smooth progress of work as well as daily responsibilities. Adapting to different environments without criticism is crucial to succeeding in this job role.

Career opportunities

The field of human resources offers a wide variety of opportunities for graduates in HR. Let’s look at some of the popular career options.

  • Human resources manager

An HR manager heads the operations of the HR department such as hiring and training employees, taking care of their compensation and leaves, formulating employee policies etc.

  • Staffing director

A staffing director takes care of all the employee requirements of the organization by creating plans for recruitment. You must hire, train and retain employees according to their skills.

  • Compensation and benefits manager

As a compensation and benefits manager, you must ensure that accurate and fair salaries are given to employees. You are also responsible for handling the increments, bonuses, pensions and any other additional benefits to employees.

  • Employee relations manager

An employee relations manager is responsible for building and facilitating cordial relations among all the employees. You must also make sure that the relationship between the employer and employees is in line with the set regulations and policies.

Besides these, there are several other job roles like a technical recruiter, international HR, employee educational consultant, HR generalist, etc. The scope of human resources is growing with each passing year making it a lucrative career option.